KWIL for Christ AM 790 Goes Wherever You Go

Listen on your Computer

Listen on your Smart Phone

Listen on your Smart Speaker 

On Your Computer

Every page on the KWIL for Christ Website has a player tray at the bottom.  You can start listening by clicking the PLAY, or triangle button within the tray. Once the player begins, you can continue to navigate throughout the website as you continue listening.

To stop the stream, click on the same play button or exit the website.

On Your Smart Speaker

To listen to an Alexa Smart Speaker you first need to enable the KWIL for Christ skill by saying, “Alexa, enable KWIL (QUILL) for Christ.”  You only need to enable a skill once.  To learn more about enabling skills CLICK HERE.  After the skill is enabled you’re ready to start listening by saying “Alexa, play KWIL (QUILL) for Christ.”  

To listen to your Google Smart Speaker say, “Google. play KWIL (QUILL) for Christ.”  This will launch a streaming player called Tune-In and KWIL AM 790 will begin playing.



On Smart Phone

If your phone allows you to access the internet or download Apps, you have more options with which to listen to KWIL AM 790.

You can access our website on your phone by going to any internet browser and entering  At our site, click the PLAY button at the bottom of any of our pages.

You can also download the Smart Phone App from HOPE 1079.  Click the Listen Live option and both KWIL and HOPE players are available.  The App called Tune-In will also play both stations.