EEO Public File Report

2020 – 2021  Annual EEO Public File Report

Annual EEO Public File Report Oct 1, 2020 – Sept 30, 2021

This EEO Public File Report (“Annual EEO Report’) is to comply with section 73.208 (c)(6) of the FCC’s Equal Employment Rules. This Annual EEO Report summarizes the relevant hiring and EEO outreach conducted by the following stations, which collectively form a single Station Employment Unit for Purposes of EEO Rules:

Parent License Name: Extra Mile Media

Station Call Letters: KHPE FM 

KWIL AM There were no Full-Time Employees hired from October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021.

EEO activities during the year included:

1. Participation in an Internet job bank to promote job openings in broadcasting with regular on-air announcements. KWIL & KHPE each aired 365, 30-second advertisements throughout the year, at various times of the day, highlighting is an employment agency, which posts job openings in Christian Ministry, including Christian broadcasting. We also placed a link to the website at Our Program Director, Paul Hernandez, directed this initiative, and Traffic Manager Vickie Weber scheduled the announcements.

2. In the past, typical outreach activities would include participating in Job Fairs, sponsoring employment events, speaking at schools and inviting listeners to an Open House at the station facilities. The restriction placed by the state of Oregon in this last audit period caused the elimination of all such events, in school learning and hinder our ability to hold an open house. While we were hoping to conduct some activities during the summer months, the explosion of the Delta Variant cases throughout our State caused us to cancel plans. Our intent is to return to normal activities as soon as possible or seek new ways to utilize technology to safely achieve our EEO commitments.